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shoop Taylor Shoop is an artist from Northern California. He attended California College of the Arts in Oakland at the turn of the century. Initially focusing on photography, he turned his studies toward sculpture, enjoying the ability to work with different mediums. Shoop has now returned to his camera, to apply the learned sculptural concepts into his photographic endeavors.

The chaotic and controlled process in which nature represents the passing of time, is one of Shoop’s major sources of intrigue. Embracing and unleashing a little bit of that chaos into a controlled system is a driving force in Shoop’s artistic process; the work seen here is a product of that process. His early photographic work involved creating a composition of what stood before the him, but in this body of work, Shoop challenges himself to compose and capture an image that is only a component of the final work. The chaos ensues once the photograph is uploaded and manipulated in various editing programs.

Something else this process offers the artist is the element of mystery that has been lost in a digital age; the product does not reveal itself instantly. Like in the days of film and development, the artist had to wait, wonder, and hope. Waiting, letting time pass, while knowing there is a possibility of failure, makes success so much more rewarding.

Shoop currently resides in North Carolina with his shooper wife and two shooper dogs. Their shooper daughter has since joined the ranks and helps Shoop in the editing room as well as the field as shoopart’s First Assistant to the Location Scout.

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