Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a Paypal account to make a purchase?

A: No, you can make a one time purchase by just entering your credit card info.


Q: Why can’t I order a photographic print

A: You can. Click Here


Q: Why does it tell me that the item is not available, when inventory shows availability.

A: When placing an order, be sure to make a selection from all three options; “Surface”, “Size”, and  ” Mounting”. Please note that dimensions for the canvases are in “parentheses” while print sizes are not. If you are still having problems, see the link to the previous question.


Q: What does ‘Gallery Wrap’ refer to, regarding the canvas prints.

A: Gallery wrap refers to the canvas, and image, wrapping around the edge of the ‘frame’ of the print. Depending on the composition, the images edge may wrap around the corner, or a mirror image will be added to the edge. Below is an example of how an  image would get cutoff, so a mirror would be added to preserve the integrity of the composition.



Q: Can I order a custom sized canvas?

A: Absolutely. The ratio of each image can be found in the ‘product tag’ section just under the ‘add to cart’ button on each product’s page. Maximum dimensions are 72″ x 40″. Contact for pricing.



Q: Is framing an option for canvases?

A: Yes, please contact the seller for framing options. Below is a very cool floating frame.





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