Back From Asheville

We recently went west to the Asheville area for some camping and to fill up our growler at Asheville Brewing with some of their delightful Shiva IPA. We took some photos while we were there as well. The city itself is an awesome spot, with plenty of beautiful architecture and nature. We spent a day heading south to see Rhett Mill, outside of Hendersonville, and then to Du Pont Forest to see some falls. Then, we drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and saw the trees, in higher elevations, turning color. We have quickly learned that North Carolina is a beautiful state with lots see. A couple of other nice spots to see, were Pisgah and Greenman breweries; sweet, low-key, dog friendly watering holes with some tasty beers. Check out the new images under the category of Asheville and Western Carolina.

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